In addition, in accordance with the scope of GDPR, you can prevent your customer representatives from accessing this information by limiting your customer's information on WhatsGO.
Why WhatsGO?
How active the chatbots will be in your sales process is entirely in your hands. Provide 24/7 uninterrupted service to both your potential and loyal customers with artificial intelligence supported chatbots that you can customize for your company.
Make sure you can reach all your customers, even foreign ones, thanks to the multilingual support of chatbots.
Synchronize your chatbots with WhatsGO's tools such as restaurant management and calendar for transactions such as reservations and appointments. Easily make an appointment, make a reservation and manage your process.
Integrate and seamlessly manage the entire payment process you offer to your customers via WhatsGO into your chatbots.
  • You don't have to share your customers' information with anyone
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  • You Focus on Your Business, Leave the Security Issue to Us!
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  • Protect Your Social Media Accounts
    Today, social media has become a very important platform for businesses. By joining WhatsGO, you can guarantee all social media security of your business. We guarantee that none of your social media accounts can be stolen, thanks to the security applications and secure network we use. You do not need to entrust your social media accounts to other agencies. Come to WhatsGO, let's protect together!
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