Turn your brand's Instagram page into a channel where you can meet with your customers directly, thanks to WhatsGO's platform with a communication model that will maximize your relationship with your customers.
How Works?
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  • Let's say you already share your product and service images with your customers on the Instagram page. Well, would you like to direct your customers, whom you communicate with through a question-answer relationship on Instagram, to sales in one step thanks to WhatsGO?
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  • It is a fact that customers find it easier to reach businesses through Instagram. You can also use WhatsGO chatbots and live messaging application to answer all your customers' questions faster.
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Quickly turn your customer chats into a sales experience with WhatsGO's AI-powered chatbots. Also, remember that you can customize chatbot conversations for your business.
Your first encounter with your customers may have occurred through your Instagram page or ads. Now, thanks to WhatsGO, let your customer realize the entire sales and service experience by messaging only via Instagram Chat.
WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram… No matter which application your customer uses to reach you, you can view and manage all your messages in a single panel thanks to WhatsGO.
Take a closer look at your customers' sales and communication experience thanks to WhatsGO's instantly updated reporting panel. Review steps such as how users are contacting your business and how your agents or chatbots can better lead the customer to sales.