Thanks to the multi-channel approach of WhatsGO, you can establish better relationships with your customers and increase your sales.
Why WhatsGO?
Integrate directly into WhatsGO without sacrificing your CRM software. You don't have to make any changes to your software to join WhatsGO.
Move all the products and services on your e-commerce site that you sell online to WhatsGO without making any changes.
You can easily continue to use the project and sales-marketing management programs you currently use after joining WhatsGO.
Focus on simpler and easier sales experiences for your customers with payment options that will make your sales transactions faster.
  • WhatsGO's Advanced Integration System
    WhatsGO is a completely domestic platform produced in Turkey that offers you a unique sales experience. Therefore, it has a flexible structure that can develop special integrations for businesses. You do not need to make any changes to your website software to join WhatsGO. Because WhatsGO integrates into your business without sacrificing your software thanks to this flexible structure.
  • Be Active on Every Sales Platform with WhatsGO
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